Education & Training in Power Sector

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Education and Training has become a major aspect in almost each and every industry.Skill Building has become a main instrument in order to push the economy to new heights by leaps and bounds. Although India is the second largest growing economy in the world, but in present time it is in dire straits due to shortage of skilled Manpower in industry. Skilled Manpower is like a “Blood” for industries as if we have good technology available with us but for optimum utilization, one needs to have skilled manpower.

The Working Group on Power has estimated the need for 0.34 million additional manpower (0.26 million technical and 0.08 million non-technical) during the XIIth plan. In order to overcome this problem, National Skill Development Corporation was created in year 2008. According to which, 500 million skilled people has to be created by 2020.Vocational Training Institutes,ITIs,Polytechnics have been set up in various cities to develop skilled manpower. Employee exchange programs should be encouraged on a large scale so that employees should become well versed with the technologies.

Various industries should use a common platform to make well aware other industries in the same vertical in order to eliminate the “knowledge” gap and leading to employee transformation. Like NPTI has open various centres across countries to tackle shortage of skilled Power Plant operators. They are rigorously trained to serve this purpose. Various other industries have also come up with this concept of training and developing manpower like TATA, Reliance, Jindal etc. Various outsourcing organisations like SAMBHAV (Skill Development Organisation) have tied up with industrial honchos. Thus, although there is a dearth of skilled manpower, India is trying to cover up that big gap in order to rise to new level.


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